This was originally sent via email by Troy87 - so posting here as well

GTT members,

It's great to be back, and thank you for your patience. We've changed website hosts, fixed a pile of problems, and updated some software. Not all these changes are apparent, but they were sorely needed to continue moving forward. And, we're not done with all the fixes and changes yet, but we are back and functioning, so let everyone know the "lights are back on", and we're open for business!

One of the changes coming is that beginning August 20, 2014, the Message Board will change from a completely free board, to one that will require a subscription in order to post in the forums. Everyone will still be able to view posts in the forums at no charge, but in order to post a message, you must have a subscription. Several issues prompted this decision.

This change will make the board a bit more secure and will also provide some relief from spammers, which has been a growing problem the last couple years. I also want to reduce the size of, or eliminate completely, some of the ads which take up a lot of space. There will still be ads present, but less intrusive than what there has been in the past.

This change will also allow us to implement upgrades as they are made available from the board software provider. In fact you may notice a change in the look of the board now, along with a few additional features.

As far as pricing for subscriptions, it's reasonably priced and will use PayPal as the transaction provider, allowing the use of your PayPal account or a credit card.

Subscriptions prices are as follows:

3 months - $5.95
1 year - $14.95
2 years - $27.95
3 years - $35.95

Once again, thanks for your patience and support.
And as always........

Keith Sims