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Thread: RV Sites For Sale - Subject to Zoning

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    Default RV Sites For Sale - Subject to Zoning

    I am in the process of purchasing property in Troy to develop an RV Tailgate Park. Visit to get a taste of my vision. These lots are sold for $30,000 each. The lots in Troy will be sold for well below that.

    I am in the zoning process and if all goes well, the park will have about 20 sites that will have water, sewer, cable/satellite and electric hookup. You can purchase your site. Cost is still to be determined but I can tell you that the first 5 sites will be sold for $8,000 each. Now before you - you can't beat that price. 6 home games this year with a 2 night minimum at The Best Western appears to cost $160 Friday & Saturday. If you are interested, let me know. That's $960 for football season. What about a weekend of basketball, baseball, parent's weekend outside of football season, the hotel rates are still at least $160 for two nights. And, the cost only goes up if you are spending the night at The Courtyard or Hampton Inn.
    Yes, you will have taxes, insurance and eventually Association dues to add to your cost, but I promise it will be worth it. Finally, the property is located in the city limits of Troy and close enough to the University to be convenient. And if all goes well, transportation will be provided two hours before and after kickoff.

    Bottom line, I don't plan on getting rich on this investment. Would I like to make some money? Of course! But at the end of the day, my goal is to invest in Troy, AL., to support the school I love Troy University and along the way provide a place for me and my family to tailgate in a family friendly environment with fellow Troy fans. Until all lots are sold, you will be able to rent spaces and have up to 8-12 guests per site (2 Vehicles).

    So if you are interested, contact me via private message .
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