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Thread: Conference TV market question

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    Quote Originally Posted by likesturtles View Post
    ESPNU averages fewer than 2 million viewers per game anyway. Not sure about Fox Sports where CUSA games air, but I think I read thier numbers are around 2 million. ESPN main gets around 4 - 5 million for big games (I think from what I could find) but again goes small for games in our general peer level. Big numbers just don't happen regardless of the market and they don't seem to fluctuate that much regardless of who in our peer group is playing.
    The Commish and Dear Leader need to continuously pubically mock and ridicule CDOA in theie false claims - on and off the field.

    The only CDOA city that might have some interest in their team is Memphis. Houston is somewhat loyal to Rice, more so than U of H, but not at Memphis numbers. Hattiesburg might, but is no bigger than Dothan. Go find me 100 people on the streets of BHam that even know what UA's B team mascot is.
    "Number 6"? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that one...

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    FAU does not even claim to bring the Miami-Fort Lauderdale market, even though it does draw students and fans from that market and has campuses there (Fort Lauderdale area).

    FAU is in the West Palm Beach (Boca Raton north to Vero Beach and west to Lake Okeechobee) market - which is fairly large at No. 38 with around 800,000 households - and gets little if any mention two counties to the south. Hell, FIU is pretty much ignored in the Miami media.
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