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Thread: Conference USA weighing 16-team model

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    Default Conference USA weighing 16-team model

    Found this article on I would not be at all surprised if we do lose two more teams. I think C-USA is setting up and preparing for being raided again when the dominos start to fall. Teams must make decisions before June 1 in order to make a move by 2014 without being punished financially. The next month and a half are going to be interesting times.....

    After adding six new football schools for 2013 and Western Kentucky for the year after, Conference USA might not be done.
    C-USA is considering expansion to 16 teams in football, commissioner Britton Banowsky said Monday.
    Western Kentucky replaces Tulsa as the 14th C-USA member for 2014. Last week, the Golden Hurricanes bolted to the American Athletic Conference, formerly known as the Big East.
    “We've modeled it at 16, and it does kind of create some divisions that are a little more geographically connected,” Banowsky said. “We haven't acted on it. I think personally a larger conference is better because you get some efficiencies, you get the benefit of a bigger group. We don't want to lose our identity in the process. We're just kind of moderating the growth at a pace where people are comfortable. It could be folks are just comfortable (at 14).”
    Such a proactive move would come during a time of relative small-conference stability -- the AAC, Mountain West and MAC all appear settled. The Sun Belt is deciding whether it wants to dip into the Football Championship Subdivision waters for two more teams.
    Banowsky said it's too early to speculate about potential new members, while adding he's not sure how flexible his membership will be after rampant change in recent months.
    Arkansas State or Louisiana-Lafayette from the Sun Belt, which has lost several teams to C-USA, could be attractive options.

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    What an incredible time of flux. I hadn't even heard the Big East changed names.

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