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Thread: Next for the BELT: JMU out - Liberty in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sly Fox View Post
    We Liberty folks are wearing down the Sun Belt with our availability.

    I'd love nothing more than to see our Flames playing in Veterans Memorial Stadium as well Lafayette, San Marcos and points in between. Actually wanting to be in your conference should count for something. Shouldn't it?
    You darn right. I remember the time when my own beloved university (Troy) was where you are today. Some are just too young or can't research to know that we ourselves have been there, done that. Right now as we speak a lot of folks here are grieped that no other conference seems to want us. The day is coming when all the have nots will be bunched together and tossed aside by the mighty DI powers in my humble opinion.
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    Thanks for the support, guys. I think you will find that if you ever make the road trip up to Virginia, it is a great game experience. - Liberty Message Board

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