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Thread: Belt to Add Again

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    Default Belt to Add Again

    My guess is that with the recent landscape of college football, I would bet that the Sun Belt will add both James Madison and Liberty next and possibly name a Western team as well. We may have a similar division breakdown as the MAC with a 13 team conference. Because the domino effect has not come to fruition, Benson will likely go ahead and add more now knowing that some current schools will be the next to leave for C-USA. After the Western departure, I would think that Arkansas State would be next, likely followed by South Alabama. It is only a matter of time so in order to maintain a minimum of 12 teams to host a Conference Championship game, the Belt will grow now before having to lose members again in the near future.

    Just my opinion but we can not sit back and wait to be pilfered again!

    Go TROY!

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    Hopefully Capt. Benson's vast experience with departing conference mates will hold SBC in good stead.

    That and the watered down brand of football that he promotes with his gerrymandering the rules in the name of "player safety". Hard to foresee the future of the SBC at this point.

    He is wearing out his welcome in my camp.
    "Yo Ho, HO!!! GO Ye Trojans, one and all!"

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