Classic case of too much time on their hands... even a "quote" from Hartwell.

The Moon Belt Conference is coming for you, Sun Belt

ECU coach Ruffin McNeill is ready. - @jkruszyn

In an unprecedented move sure to shock the college football world, 10 of the Solar System's finest universities have formed an all-sports athletics league to be named the Moon Belt Conference. Starting play in 2050, the Moon Belt Conference is taking the Sun Belt Conference's lead and is expanding outward, or outofthisworldward, if you may.

Charter schools include Io State, Phoebe University, Kale Gulf Coast, Phobos Tech, Prospero State, Neso Institute of Technology, S/2004 S12 College, Aegir State, Ariel Academy and East Carolina University.

"We're incredibly excited for this opportunity," ECU athletic director Jeff Compher said. "A conference with this much prestige is sure to boost our already pristine academic institution, as well as our sparkling athletic heritage. We have been waiting for this offer for quite some time, but persistance has paid off. When I was at NIU, we played the Toledo Rockets quite frequently, but now we'll be taking rockets to play at NIT. I know our fans are reared up and ready to go."

Also announced was the new Galactic Championship Belt Challenge, which will pit Sun Belt teams against Moon Belt teams and be broadcast on Watch ESPN and [check your local cable companies for availability in your area]. Finally, fans will be able to see their favorite teams square off, whether it be in space or Boone, N.C.

John Hartwell, Troy's athletic director, expressed concern about the decision. "We're not operating on some kind of Nick Saban budget here. It used to be we'd get paid up to a million dollars to go play in Tallahassee. We're going to need some federal NASA subsidy just to get up in space in the first place. And don't get me started on those hibernation chambers..."

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