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Thread: If anyone is Interested

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    I'm very pleased that you like your watch as much as I like mine. I don't want to lead someone down a path they end up regretting so I very happy that you like it. Also I hope you figured out how to get the stop watch to reset. If you haven't got that figured out yet remember that you have to hit the start button again when you want to stop the timer. And then after you have stopped the timer (with the same button as the start) then you hit the reset button. Everything will go back to zero then (or it should). But if you hit the start button and then the reset button to stop the timer it will not reset. Let me know if you get it working right.

    I really hope more people look into this watch because it is a high quality watch, almost a perfect cardinal match to Troy, and about half off retail. Can't go wrong with it if you ask me.

    Thanks Burn the Horse and like I said, I really hope you like the watch and that it will last you for years down the road.


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    Well I contacted Swiss Army and they sent me this pdf. which helped me fix all the problems I was having. Now my Convoy Chrono is perfect. Thank you so much for posting all this and introducing me to it Dustin, this is the nicest watch I've ever owned!

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