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Thread: Dear Leader: FIRE DREW CHAMPLIN and Announce New Conference This Week!!!!

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    Default Dear Leader: FIRE DREW CHAMPLIN and Announce New Conference This Week!!!!

    Once again Drew Champlin steal Mr. Ho material and now he get his buddy Paul Myerbug in on action. Many know that Mr. Ho post many time about start new conference and now Drew Champlin hide behind Paul Myerbug article and claim it his idea.

    Ironically, South San Francisco Dear Leader have vision and reach conclusion that WACK left for dead on side of road if not careful. TMTDM Dear Leader better have vision other than opening new campus in Vientiane, Laos and get busy on phone.

    Sign marketing alliance with $EC AND PAC-whatever. Annouce before MWC and CDOA annouce and make it better than their Death Pack!!! Make CDOA doormat conference which it is becoming after we stomp on UA's B team neck.

    Artwork provide by FliryVorru

    Get crazy and do something different. Add team and you have 4 Division of 5 team.

    8 Division game (4 home and 4 away - it work pretty good for NFL)
    2 game versus other similar place team in other Divisions (1 home and 1 away)
    That leave 2 OOC game
    Plus Conference Championship Playoffs (would be either 1 or 2 more games; W v. SW at New Mexico Bowl and C. v. SE at New Orleans Bowl, both same dates); Championship game on campus of best record week before BC$ game - hopefully people get excited about something other than sit at home and watch Hoarders and come to game.

    Danica Patrick Bowl can still invite SunBeast team to it's January 4th game - one of Playoff team or in theeory someone could finish with 9/8 win and not make SunBeast playoff.

    New Mexico State
    San Jose State
    Utah State
    Texas Western (grow sac and steal from CDOA)

    U.T.-San Antonio
    Texas State
    North Texas
    Louisiana Tech
    Lamar (why not invite?)


    Miami State
    *******'s UCF-Boca
    Georgia State (why we not invite NOW anyway?)

    Mr. Ho spend too much time on this...

    We Go To "11"

    We Go To "11"
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    I'll keep it short and sweet -- Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business.

    - C. Montgomery Burns

    Hire Steve Campbell or Mike Turk...TODAY!!!

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