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The SOTS is known for playing well and entertaining the crowd. It may take a couple of years to set a different groove, but give it time. Dr. Walker is extremely competent and was chosen because the administration felt that he would be the man to not only maintain the band program at Troy University, but to take it to a higher level. I have a feeling that Dr. Walker has some big plans for this simple theme.!
That sums it up right there. As amazing and visionary as Ralph Ford was, Dr. Walker is right behind him and gaining quickly. I loved playing under him in marching band, and in concert band his exceptional musicianship really brought out a better musician in me.

I think the "Spy Show" is going to be really great. If you recall homecoming 2007, we played the James Bond 007 theme as the homecoming music during pre-game. The charts from those spy shows back in the 60's and 70's are VERY difficult pieces to play. James Bond is a very, very hard swinging piece (both in technical difficulty and in swing meter). I really look forward to it!