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Thread: Bowl game cost article

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    Default Bowl game cost article

    Bowl games worth the price?

    by Jon Reynolds

    As an avid college football fan, I had heard recent rumblings about teams being unable to sell their tickets and losing money participating in bowl games. Then, I read where Bloomberg News reported that the AVERAGE team loss in a Bowl Championship Series bowl game in 2010-11 was $346,959 and the AVERAGE loss in a non-BCS bowl was $139,604. That got me to really thinking about college post-season play...

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    I made a thread about it over on the sun belt forums, but you should read Death to the BCS by Dan Wetzel. Gets a little tedious with all the data that it throws at you, but it really does a good job talking about how poorly the bowls are structured when it relates to the schools. The bowls themselves make tons of money. The schools often take a loss.
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