You know I read posts after posts. I am willing to guess that probably a good number of you have not even played the game or it has been a good while ago. As a mom I am always intriqued how many negative comments are made..some understandable, most are emotional and a lot without merit. Now from my perspective football is a very demanding sport. It is a job for our athletes. But we have to remember that these are young men whose first priority is academics. These kids have a lot on there plates. On the other hand, the coaches have there hands full also. They have to deal with their athletes, administration, parents, and fans. Even though we all wish that we win every game, there will be some that we won't. Believe me the sun will rise in the morning. No one has to put down coaches or players. I guess you say that "this lady knows nothing". I beg to differ. I do know what the Coaches at Troy did for my son, I do know how I was treated as a parent, I do know the impact and time that each coach gives to Troy and I do know that we have some very good coaches. My son,as others had other choices (ACC and SEC) but they decided that Troy was the best for them. In other words, do not be fair weather fans..let's rejoice in winning, and let the disappointing losses go and move on. We are part of the Troy Trojans family!! Family don't give up on each other.

Go Trojans!