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Thread: Rules, Regulations, and Repercussions

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    Arrow Rules, Regulations, and Repercussions

    Mission Statement of

    To provide a website acting as a portal to all items pertaining to TROY University (alumni association, marketing aspects, athletic information, etc) with a specific slant towards TROY Athletics. An important aspect will be the message board of The message board is to be utilized by all TROY alumni, fans, students, athletic opponents (past, current and future), and other TROY interested participants. It is the hope of the owners of that the website will help build alumni support (past, present and future) of TROY University as well as spread the overall advantages of TROY University to those who are interested.


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    Mike Cunningham
    Navarre Trojan

    Moderators are tasked with keeping the peace so to speak at the message board. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, these are the individuals you should Private Message.

    Rules and Regulations...

    1) RESPECT: All members are to treat others with respect and dignity. This means no name calling, threats, cursing, belittling, etc. Certain curse words have been added to the Message Board's Censorship Cue. They will show up as ****. It is unacceptable to circumvent this censorship by adding your own symbols (i.e. !,&, #, etc). It is also unacceptable to threaten anyone with bodily harm.

    2) PRIVATE MESSAGES: Private Messages (PM) are to be used when a 'conversation' is occuring between two individuals that has no meaning value to the general body. PMs are a privilege. Any abuse given during PMs is unacceptable.

    3) IMAGES: Images are acceptable to be used as avatars, signatures, and even in the body of a post. Any nudity, sexism, racism, etc will not be tolerated. Please be mindful that the images you post should pertain to the subject of the thread. If you aren't sure if you should post a picture, that is your first sign that you probably shouldn't.

    4) SPAM: Advertising of for-profit organizations is not tolerated. The website and message board are not free to run. You are allowed to post any non-profit organizations that you may be affiliated with (Breast Cancer 5k, TROY Alumni Chapter's scholarship funds, etc).

    and Repercussions:

    The moderaters of this website will take a proactive stance against members who decide to not abide by the message board rules. This is meant so that everyone (lurkers, posters, parents, student-athletes, etc) can enjoy their experience here at While it is inevitable that someone will have an opinion that is not agreed upon by all, that is not a reason to break any of these rules in defiance. Civil discussion and debate is encouraged for all. Rudeness and 'false internet message board bravado' is not.

    A complete warning and infraction system has been set up for all members.

    Any rule infraction that a moderator comes across (or is reported using the Report a Post function) will be dealt with in the following manner:

    1st offense: A warning will be given. Moderator will go through the proper steps of issuing a warning to the offending member with the reason for the warning and a link to the rules section that was broken.

    2nd offense: An infraction point will be given to the offending member. Moderator will go through the proper steps of issuing an infraction point to the offending member with the reason for the infraction point and a link to the rules section that was broken.

    Each subsuquent offense: Will be dealt with in the same manner as the 2nd offense.

    Infraction points are accumulated on a 31 day rolling schedule. Any member who accumulates X amount of infraction points during the rolling 31 days will be issued temporary vacations from posting at

    3 infraction points in a 31 day period: a 24 hour vacation.

    6 infraction points in a 31 day period: a 7 day vacation.

    9 infraction points in a 31 day period: one month vacation.

    The owner of has the right at anytime to supercede these rules if in the best interest of the community and move directly to a one month vacation (or permanent vacation).

    It is hoped that when a member is warned (or receives an infraction point) that they will cease their rule-breaking habits and move on to more community minded posts.

    We believe this is a fair system for all members. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me directly.

    Remember: The website and message board is a service of the owner that is run by a group of volunteers and kept alive by hundreds of fans of collegiate sports. Participation on the message board, while free, is a privilege, not a right. Please treat the board, the individuals running it, and the fans frequenting it with the respect and courtesy you would want to be given. THE GOLDEN RULE.
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    Additional rules, which in the past were unwritten, but I am now putting in writing:

    - Use of Proper Names without actually being that person, or trying to infer you are representing that person, will result in immediate deletion of the username. If the user is a current registered member of GTT, it will result in an immediate 30-day ban.

    - Creation of a second registered username by a person who is already a registered user will result in a 10 point infraction and a 7-day ban.
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