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    With a membership of over 1300+ members, and several hundred posts a day, it is virtually impossible for the moderators to catch everything that goes on every day in the message board.

    The best moderators are all the individual members!

    To help this self-policing, there is a Report a Post feature on every single post here at

    If you look on the right hand side at the top of every post, next to the number of post in the thread, you will see an exclamation point inside a white and red outlined box.

    Clicking on this Report a Post button will open up a dialogue box for you to fill out. It will be sent to all the moderators. In the dialogue box, please put your reasoning for reporting the post. A copy of the offending post will automatically be added to your dialogue box after you hit Send Report.

    The moderators will then take the necessary action.

    We thank you for policing yourselves and making this the BEST sports message board in the country.

    Step by Step Guide on How to Report a Post:

    1) Click on Report a Post (exclamation point inside a white box with a red border). This button is found on the right hand side of the post at the top immediatly across from the time and date of the post.

    2) Fill out dialogue box that automatically pops up with description of the offense.

    3) Do not respond in the original thread to the offending post. The moderators will take care of it appropriately ASAP.

    4) Continue your civil discussion and proper posting etiquette in the thread of your choice.
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