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  1. I completely understand wanting to have better seats. I hate going to away "AQ" schools and always have crappy seats, but it always happens. If you go to SBC away games the seating is normally a lot better. I know we give our Visting fans alot better seats than what we get at other schools.

    Sorry for calling you out like that. I just expect to have crappy seats at games like this and then i see somebody on here "expect" to have better seats, it cause me to call you out.

    I dont know how they deteremine "good" seats for away games. I know they seat by Trojan Warrior Status first, then Season Ticket holders, then "genreal public" fans. Most instances, the 9th row is a good place to sit, but being in a corner, you obviously want to be higher.
  2. i understand your opinion of decent seats being inside the stadium..
    I requested twice to have seats higher up than the first 10 rows?
    I must have been asking too much from our ticket office.

    i realize someone has to get the sorry tickets but not a 15 year season ticket holder.
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