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  1. Yeah I definitely will :)
  2. hahaha! Awesome! Tell Tim he needs to get Aunt Janet to do Alumni Band this year. I can't seem to convince her.
  3. GEEZ it is a small world! lol!
    yeah Tim is my dad, him and my mom met in SOTS.
  4. oh btw my dad is FOBMAN on the SOTS forum
  5. Haha thanks for the encouragement :)
    i def wanna try again
    Dr. Long is a great man, scares the crap out of me though when he climbs the stairs at the practice field to that perch there, i hold my breath every year haha!
  6. You CAN do it and you CAN be in the SOTS too. Dr. Long always said the most important players in the band were 3rd chair, 3rd Clarinet.... in other words... even the most unimportant sounding parts are the most important in the band... Get to it! You could even learn enough to make the band at your high school this fall if you work over the summer. Who knows, you might even be a hoss in the wings. PUT THE HAY IN THE BARN, KIDDO!
  7. haha yeah if i can remember anything from 7th grade about the trumpet
    but i will be asking my mom to teach me (her specialty, my dad's is the trombone.) i am a fast learner but well will see, i would like to make it in the high school band not this year but next year if i learn fast enough, then i will join my brother (who btw is going to Band Camp this year at Troy he plays the sousaphone.)
  8. No doubt, man! I hate them myself! Keep it up though, we want you in the SOTS!
  9. pretty good, i took the SATs the other day BRUTAL!
  10. hey how are you?
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