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  1. have you ever been to any of the Homecoming games?
  2. PensacolaTrojan?
    no I have not met them yet
    its so neat being on here and getting to speak to current students and alumni and getting to learn more about Troy besides the fact that its the best :)
    Troy has always felt like home to me whenever i have gone there in the past
    can't wait for 2011!
  3. No who is that?
  4. oh and today i was really lucky to find a Troy Alumni who studied the major i want to do: Broadcast Journalism. so i got a lot of questions answered about it :)
  5. haha thanks :)
    i certainly hope so it would be pretty awesome
    when i was practicing the other day i walked out of the room and i came back in and my mom said my little sister told her that i was getting better and i said im not getting better i just got the genes lol!
  6. practiced trumpet today, and i think ill be in one of the bands at high school this upcoming school year :)
    im excited!
  7. Thats pretty cool :)
    I got really confused when I first heard of Jacksonville because I thought people where referring to the Jville here in FL
    Yeah i miss southern hospitality/friendliness
    i don't consider FL as "the south" its gotten too many different types of people -.-
  8. Oh neat! about the grad school not so much the school itself haha!
    yeah he has some awesome awesome stuff!
  9. what kind of school if u don't mind me asking
    I went to go see this amazing Christian stand up comic tonight
    Tim Hawkins, check him out on YouTube!
  10. yo whats new?
    nm here in FL besides rain, rain, (oh is that sunshine...oh no.) and rain :D
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