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  1. Oh it's fine. I know I get that way on message boards too. You really don't know what people mean on these things so sometimes someone can misinterpret what you say. Here is list of the sections:

    Clarinets: 28 (Only one I know for sure because I'm in it)
    Saxophones: 35-40
    Tubas: 35-40
    Trumpets: 35-40
    Piccolos: 30-35
    Trombones: 30-35
    Baritones: 20-30
    Mellos: 15-20
    Drumline: 6 or so Snares, 3 Tenors, 6 Bass Drums, 7 or so Cymbals
    Pit: 5 or 6
    Color Guard: ??
    Majorettes: ??
    Dranceline: ??

    I may be completely wrong because I recently asked around the sections to see how many of each we had but I forgot lol... I hope this helps.
  2. sotsclarinet08, Thanks for your update and I always find your post informative and interesting. I also admire your passion for TROY. What I was really asking in terms of instrumentation was numbers in each section. I find that pretty much an indicator of what kind of sound the band will get especially if it will be bright of a more tenor sound. Sorry if I got annoyed by the replys that made no sense to an old guy like me.

    Thanks again,
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