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  1. Hey Hemi my phone lost all contacts and since in is a (bag phone from the early 80's) trying to get Gus to give me a call about the 21st.....left him a message to call just thought you might have number for him since 411 has no Augustus King, Gus king or AH king in Troy. thanks if you can,.
  2. Great to meet you. My name is Brian . My wife is Tyuanna, she goes by Ty. We have two girls, but decided not to take them to Florida. I don't believe we are that bad. Things will turn around this week I think. See you in Troy.
  3. Hey Hemi,
    Buzz here not quite thinking straight with all the scoring going on yesterday so even forgot to actually introduce myself. My name is Doyle Bosse and the little woman next to me is my soon to be fiance, Melissa. The messages on the board are pretty bad and some ok, basically going to just go the games enjoy them if I can and cheer when I can.....Just wanted to drop a line saying I enjoyed meeting you and your wife and look forward to seeing you at a better Troy outcome game.
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