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  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! :) I am glad I got to meet you. :) You're an awesome chica!
  2. Hey! Just answered my own question cause I asked it back in August. But I hope to see you at homecoming, It will be awesome getting to finally meet you! :D
  3. Hey, im not sure if I asked this or not but are you going to homecoming this year?
  4. Cool!
    most colleges here in FL are starting this week
  5. Thanks :)
    have classes started back at JSU?
  6. pretty good school is in full swing here and I'm soaking everything in that im learning in my TV Production classes im taking. :)
  7. Hey! how have you been?
  8. yes he is loved very much so :)
    i got to take a tour the day before the game and everything and got to see the campus in full, pretty neat! And you can never get enough of that chicken on game day!
  9. Mhmm it always is! I hold my breath when Dr. Long climbs up the steps of that platform though, it scares the crap outta me!
  10. thats aweome!
    I've gone to the past two
    I am not sure about this year I hope I can still go :)
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