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10-02-2004, 10:50 PM
The Gallery is becoming quite an environment for winning! Fan involvement aside, we are building a tradition of winning at The Gallery. We've won 7 in a row there and we haven't lost since it became "The Gallery." Being at home gives our team a confidence that isn't there when they're on the road. Now, we just need more "excited" fans to fill it up.

Nice crowd today--over 20,000--at least in the first half.

10-02-2004, 11:09 PM
Yeah after all was said about the Students Section being there for the whole game, they disappointed me greatly.

Granted, it was 35-0 at the half, I still wish they would have stayed. But that is how it goes, hopefully it will change over time.

The band(s) did a great job at halftime and post game was great!!

10-03-2004, 01:22 AM
Told you they'd leave...I knew it...but it was nice to spread my legs and stretch after the useless left....

10-03-2004, 08:45 AM
Watched the Auburn-Tennessee gam on TV. Notice how the upper deck was empty at start of 4th quarter, it happens everywhere folks. I went to a Redskins/Cowboys game, one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, by the fourth quarter the only fans left at Fedex Field were Cowboys fans and those tickets cost close to $100. People leave blowouts for a variety of resaons. I'm not making excuses for those that do, and I certainly get frustrated by those that show up late and leave after the half, no matter what the score is. Building an environment of four quarters of intensive football at the Gallery will take time. BE PATIENT. I remember how upset I was about the fans wearing apparel for other teams, but I saw the same thing at redskins games, it ain't just Troy fans.

People will show up early, stand up the whole game, and stay till the last second when the time is right. Every year that Blakeney has coached at Troy, the stadium environment has improved, when I was there we couldn't fill the staium and when they said they were going to enlarge it people laughed and asked "why?" But when they did, more fans showed up because people started becoming more interested in the football and a few years later they made it bigger again, and now more people are coming. If you build it they will come. If you build more seats and if you build a stronger program that plays the big boys and wins, then people will come, the excitement will come, and the energy will come. It's getting better every year. BE PATIENT.

Finally, if you want more people in the stands early, be proactive. Bring friends to the games and when you start to leave the tailgate area walk by all your other friends and tell them to come on in with you for the pre-game. If you see somebody wearing an A------ hat, first ask them, jokingly and with a welcoming smile, if they are lost, then offer to buy them a hat if Troy wins today and their team loses. When TROY ranks higher than one of those teams, and it will happen soon, and people start to really see them as competitors on the same level, that will change. If you want people to stand the whole game, then be a cheerleader in the stands, drink some red bull and create some energy. The fans that leave right after halftime, regardless of score are total losers, those that leave in the fourth because the outcome is obvious aren't as big fans of football as I am. I will sit in the snow through a total blowout freezing my arse off to see the last play of a football game even if I'm not a big fan of one of the teams (the cowboys-redskins game me and another TSU alum went and by the end we were standing five rows from the field, whereas we started five rows from the top in the upperdeck - where folks were tossing snow balls from.)

Long story short, win football games, if your a fan be a FAN and bring all the energy you got. The atmosphere has improved every year I've been a Troy fan (about 15 years) and if it grows at the rate is has we will be packing the stadium with 50,000 screaming fans, drunk from a day full of intense tailgating, and watching the team through the whole game in the next 15 years.

Call me an optimist, but that is just reinforced by what I've seen achieved at TROY since I started walking to games from my house as a junior high brat.

10-03-2004, 10:04 AM
We must know each other. Now, I'm a few years older than you, but if you were walking to games as a junior higher, I was there at the same time.

10-03-2004, 10:52 AM
Good points, especially about the growth. I remember when it was difficult to fill the 12,500-seat Memorial Stadium for Livingston, North Alambama or some other II-A team for Homecoming.

I just don't understand what people are leaving for. What are they missing if they stay? Nothing.

10-03-2004, 05:59 PM
I went to the game and brought my dad and my two younger cousins. We went in the gate a whole hour early to try to get a football for my eight year old cousin, but they were already out. Kinda dissapointed on that one.

We went in and sat in the student section. Went on up to the front row. Yelled and stood as much as we could. We made it until the 4th quarter got underway and then had to leave (mostly because we had a 3 hour drive back to south georgia).

We all had a blast. That was their first football game and we really liked it. Both of them really want to go to Troy for college.

A couple of things: 1.) It was freakin hot! Every now and then a breeze would drift through but mostly it was HOT! 2.) They ran out of water in the concession stands just after half time. Poor planning there. 3.) Those 2:30 kickoff games are killer on the East side because of the sun. There is no shade at all. My face is beet red right now and the sunburn really hurts. 4.) The game was LONG. That game took a while for some reason or another. 5.) I saw posts about students not getting there on time and leaving early, but I saw a lot of the chair-backs not filled up when the game started and a lot of them left early too.

How about giving folks some extra incentive to stay? Maybe do a drawing where they give away something BIG in the third or 4th quarter. Not a pizza or something like that but how about a $1,000 scholarship or free books for a year or something similar to that for students. In La Tech's Labor Day game, they gave away a CAR late in the 3rd quarter. I guarantee everyone stayed for that (must be present to win ya know...)

I'm glad we're complaining about people getting there late and leaving early instead of overall attendance, Fleetwood's playcalling, Leak's passing, or a raggedy old stadium.

I think we're down to the easy part of this equation. Just finish filling the stands and keep them loud and full? Compared to everything else we've overcome, that's nothing...

Oh, one other thing. The guy next to me made a REAL good point. We need to pickout a color to wear for gameday and stick to it. I saw a LOT of people wearing Troy stuff (my group went by the bookstore before the game and all bought gear and put it on before we walked in) I see a lot LESS stuff from other schools. When I was in school there, not too long ago, it was definately the other way around. Back to my original thought: I think it'd be really cool if everyone wore just one color of clothing. Red, Black, White, Gray, whatever... I think that'd be intimidating and make the crowd look even larger and more together.

10-03-2004, 09:02 PM
Excellent post.

Cardinal has to be THE color to wear.

I also wonder about a 2:30 p.m. game. Not for TV, I hope. For that matter, why are they showing Troy homes games on local TV? The pro teams (and pay-per-view companies) know enough to black out the local markets. Showing the games live kills attendance.

I hope the game time was not chosen based on another team's game that day. Night games or late afternoon games are the best. Visitors have more time to see campus, buy paraphernalia, meet up with old friends, etc. They can get the tailgating out of their systems and then GET to the game on time!

That 700-football give-away WAS lame. Considering the hype, at least a couple of thousand balls should have been provided.

I usually sit in the red chairback seats. You're correct. So many people just don't show up. Even at the Marshall and Mizzou games, there was open seats around us (at the 45-yard line) everywhere. And these are the best seats.

I wish Troy would operate a ticket exchange of sorts where season ticket holders could get their tickets into the hands of fans who care to attend. TSUBaggs' four seats went unused last week. It's a shame.

And the level of excitement in the Stadium Club area is bleak. At times, we have to stand and scream at other "fans" to cheer. At Mizzou, it was much better, but I have heard some chairback sitters yell at others to sit down. I try to ignore them.

The late-game give-away idea is great. TSUBaggs suggested giving away a car last year. The scholarship idea is excellent.

If Troy had marketing people as good as us ...


10-03-2004, 10:00 PM
"'Insert Sponsor Here' Fourth Quarter FAN OF THE GAME"

The easiest 4th quarter giveaway would be to have a sponsor buy a block of Stadium Club seats and during one of the last timeouts in the fourth quarter announce a section and have the Cheerleaders deliver a TROY Jersey (with "'Sponsor' Fan of the Game" on back) an autographed Football from Blakeney and 2 or 4 Season Tickets in Stadium Club area for the next season to the most enthusiastic fan still in that section. That would reward true fans with great seats and add a little energy to the Stadium Club the next season. Any sponsor would jump at this promotion and could probably add more to the package (Like Crowe's or Barnhill's or some other food place if they were the sponsor could add a tailgating meal to match the four tickets for each game that season, etc.)

Cars are nice, but this puts the focus on being a fan and rewards that accordingly.

10-03-2004, 10:07 PM
I majored in marketing while I was at Troy. If any of you folks in a hiring posistion might be reading the board, I'd love to send a resume' and go to work for the "school I love."

Shameless plugs aside, I remembered a couple of other things I saw/have been a part of that keep people in the game. I was at a Grizzlies game and if the team scored 100 points, then everyone there got a coupon for free tacos from Taco Bell. The place started going nuts when Memphis had 99! Bama does some sort of give away with autozone (I think) where if Bama scores on the opening drive of the 3rd quarter, everyone gets something from them. I think it was in Philadelphia a couple of years ago where for every touchdown the Eagles scored, it was a dollar off the price of a large pizza for the next week. I can't remember if it was a local or large chain. One time they scored like 8 TDs in the game and pizzas were $2.00! The owner got so many calls and orders that he said he lost his shirt, but he loved it and picked up lots of new business even after the season.

Here's some of my ideas:

1) If the defense gets a shutout, then Movie Gallery gives everyone there a free rental when they show their ticket stub. That'll keep people there and cheering!

2) If the Trojans score a touchdown on their opening drive (either 1st or 3rd quarter) Then half off at Barnhills or Papa Johns goes half price or free wings from KFC or even better, 25% off from the bookstore or screen tech on Trojan Merchandise!

3.) Here's how you do the car thing. Get someone to donate a car (Ken Cox Ford maybe?) and do a drawing at the beginning of the 4th quarter of EACH home game, including the last one. Must be present to win, use the number on back of ticket. If you win, then you go to the last home game to compete with the other 4 people who were chosen. It can be straight up drawing or extra point contest or whatever.

4.) Here's the fantasy football in me... Put an offensive player's number in front of each section of the stadium. Put Defense in front of one section and Special teams on another. Each time your player scores, everyone in your section gets some sort of give away. For example, I'm sitting in my seat and the number 9 is in front of me. Dewhitt breaks off a 40 yard TD run. Everyone in my section gets free cotton candy or the cheerleaders throw out shirts just to us. Or maybe we get to get on the jumbotron or something like that.

5.) When Troy scores 30 points, then hot dogs at the concession stand go to half price for the rest of the game.. Or maybe after each touch down for the next 3 minutes on the clock, drinks cost a quarter or something like that.

6.) How about this one? After the game, you have a contest. 3 age groups, children, students and older. Get down on the field and run from endzone to endzone. First male and female of each group gets some sort of prize. T-Shirt, books, cap, free season tickets for next year, whatever.

Anyways, just a few ideas.

10-04-2004, 08:25 AM
Something they do at South Carolina games that is well- publicized before each game: they have this cool "cannon" that they load with rolled-up Carolina jerseys and t-shirts; in the third quarter they aim the cannon in the air toward the crowd and launch 40-50 of the goodies as the cannon moves up and down the sideline. Always gets a great response (sorry if this duplicates something already being done, but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing a game at the Gallery.) Anyway, these types of promotions are great, but the real long-term promo is W's, and this team appears to be on the way to providing those. Go Trojans!

10-04-2004, 08:58 AM
At The University of Wisconsin, they do the "jump around" after the 3rd quarter. Everyone basically jumps up and down and goes nutz. The Chicago Cubs are famous for the "take me out to the ball game" thing in the 7th inning stretch. When I lived in Jackson, MS, the minor league baseball team used to let the kids run the bases at the end of the game. The little kids would never let their parents leave early.

Maybe we could do something like this? Maybe Maestri could get on the mic and sing the fight song in between the 3rd and fourth? Maybe one prize give away could be that the winner gets to call a series over the PA or sit in the radio booth with Barry to call the game.

10-04-2004, 11:14 AM
>>At The University of Wisconsin, they do the "jump around" after the 3rd quarter. Everyone basically jumps up and down and goes nutz.<<

That's a great idea for UAB! Have all the "fans" who got their tickets for free in the newspaper or via the UAB Web site go to the upper decks of Legion Field and "jump around"!

:) Sorry, I couldn't resist.

10-04-2004, 04:44 PM
How about free beer in the 4th quarter?

Just kidding. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I couldn't resist either.