View Full Version : Football Bowl games should be about who wins

12-10-2007, 10:26 AM
There should be a cap on the amount of money a team can carry away from a bowl game with the remainder distributed among all NCAA schools, including D-1AA, D-II, and D-III, much like my understanding of what the SEC does - that is, all SEC schools benefit (get a payday) from the bowls that SEC teams participate in.

Also all D-1A teams should be required to schedule at least one team from D-1AA or D-II with a minimum pay floor (in %) - If a D-1A team schedules only one game with D-1AA or D-II then it will not be counted in the season W-L record unless it is a loss, and if a D-1A team schedules more than one game with a lower division team only one such game will be counted unless it is a loss.

12-10-2007, 10:38 AM
As it were, there is already a rule in place that states that one win against a 1-AA can count towards your bowl eligibility each year. Here ya go: Exception—Football Bowl Subdivision Opponent. (FBS) Each year, a football bowl subdivision institution may count one victory against a football championship subdivision opponent toward the six-win minimum, provided the opponent has averaged 90 percent of the permissible maximum number of grants-inaid per year in football over a rolling two-year period. (Adopted: 10/28/97 effective 8/1/98, Revised: 4/28/05, 12/15/06)

12-10-2007, 10:41 AM
And by the way, if TCU has only been at 6-6 we would have been required by the rules to play in that game, not TCU. The rules state: Exception—12 Game Season. An institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be selected for participation in a bowl game under the following circumstances: (Adopted: 4/27/06 effective 8/1/06)
(a) The institution or its conference has a primary contractual affiliation, which existed prior to the first contest of the applicable season, with the sponsoring bowl organization. In the case of a conference contractual affiliation, all conference teams with winning records must be placed in one of the contracted bowl games before any institution with a record of six wins and six losses may be placed in a contracted bowl game. There shall be no contingency agreements with other sponsoring bowl organizations intended to enable an institution with a record of six wins and six losses to become eligible for those contests; or
(b) All contractual affiliations per Bylaw have been fulfilled and all institutions with winning records have received bowl invitations (either through a contractual affiliation or as an at-large selection).

So going off of that, had there been no other 7-5 or better teams available to the Armed Forces Bowl, they would have been required by NCAA rules to pick us over any 6-6 team.