View Full Version : Take Care of Business... Too late now!

12-02-2007, 08:43 PM
We didn't take care of business yesterday.,,, If we had then we would not be in this situation. PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE.
No one feels the pain worse than our players and coaches. Rest assured of that.
I have been around athletes and athletics all my life. (retired HS coach)
Why we played as we did yesterday baffles me. Always has , always will. If you could ask each player about playing the game over again, they would jump at the chance. But it doesn't work that way. It's too damn late.
I had a player once who gave his best effort ALL THE TIME. I remember him sitting near the locker room door after a game once when the players filed back into the dressing room crying. He wasn't the biggest or strongest but he always had fire in his eye. We lost a game we should have won, He grabbed every player and shook them and kept saying Why Cry now damnit, IT'S TOO DAMN LATE!
We need to lick the wounds and move on... but I hope we learn a BIG LESSON from our approach to this BIG GAME. No one wanted to lose of course, but we did. Now we should ask ourselves WHY? And never forget youonly get that one chance and then its TOO DAMN LATE.

Troy earned the right to play in a bowl game this year regardless of the game yesterday.,, we all know that. I really have some doubts about the effort of the Sun Belt commish. It disappoints me. I hope our coaches, AD, and Adminstration sends their concerns regarding this effort. No reason why an 8 win Troy team shouldn't be in a bowl.
Again if we had Taken Care of Business it would all be a moot point.