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12-03-2004, 03:11 PM
I got this via e-mail today ... Come on down!


FAU Becomes NCAA Division 1-A

Jared Allen And Team To Play Last Game December 4, 2004

To All FAU Football Fans:

Jared Allen and thirty other seniors will be playing their final game this Saturday at Pro Player Stadium in the 3rd Annual Shula Bowl.

Don Shula and the Flip
Don Shula will be present for the coin flip and to begin the festivities for this momentous occasion.

Seniors Make History
The senior players are the first class that came to FAU to help build the football program. Their win/loss record speaks volumes. They need and want your support for this final game. With an expected crowd of nearly 40,000 people, these players and coaches will lead FAU into full NCAA Division 1-A status beginning next season - the fastest any program in history has accomplished the feat.


Get Your Tickets!
To help ensure the large crowd, FAU has arranged with various sponsors to offer all remaining lower bowl seats for only $2.00 each. You may buy them at any ticket window at Pro Player Stadium prior to the 4 p.m. kick-off. Coach Schnellenberger and everyone associated with FAU Football hopes to see you at the game on Saturday!

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email: jkillian@palmbeachsports.com
phone: (561) 233-1015
web: http://www.palmbeachsports.com

Trojan by Birth
12-03-2004, 03:16 PM
I feel for those guys... trying to fill a stadium with Miami playing at home on the same day... the same day as the SEC and Big XII championships.. not to mention USC and UCLA.. Army v Navy... just not a favorable day for them.

12-03-2004, 03:16 PM
I hope they make it. However, if 40,000 fans show up for this game I'll be shocked.

12-03-2004, 03:24 PM
I hope they make it, too. I'm going.

At least Joe Robbie Stadium is a classy place to see a game. The Orange Bowl is fun but a real dump.

Plus, JRS is really closer to Fort Lauderdale than Miami and is a much shorter ride for most fans. The OB is way down there!

Maybe Troy will play FAU or FIU in JRS next year!

12-03-2004, 03:35 PM
Pro Player (JRS) is a great venue for a football game. I went to the 2000 Orange Bowl and really enjoyed it. Not a bad seat in the stadium.

12-03-2004, 04:52 PM
Sun Belt will fight for FAU and FIU

By Ted Hutton
Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer

Posted November 30 2004

Florida Atlantic and Florida International can count on Sun Belt Commissioner Wright Waters to lobby the NCAA to drop or alter the rule regarding minimum attendance for Division I-A teams.

The Sun Belt has a lot at stake, since FAU and FIU are scheduled to join next season and give the conference the eight members it needs to stay viable. Three of the nine current teams are leaving for the Western Athletic Conference after this season.

"I don't think schools should be held accountable for something that is beyond their control," Waters said about the 15,000-average in home attendance the NCAA now requires for teams to move up to or remain in Division I-A.

Waters is especially concerned since current members Middle Tennessee State and Louisiana-Monroe each averaged less than 15,000 this season, putting their status as I-A teams in jeopardy if the rule remains in place.

The Sun Belt needs eight football members to be recognized by the NCAA.

FAU and FIU have already met the other criteria for I-A membership, including providing 200 total scholarships and sponsoring a minimum of 16 varsity sports, but FIU has already missed the attendance mark, and FAU will likely join them unless the Owls can draw 37,341 to Saturday's game against FIU at Pro Player Stadium.

FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger sees the issue as a Catch-22.

"When we get to the level where we can play teams like Oklahoma State, then we will get the crowds we need," Schnellenberger said, referring to next season's tentative home opener against the Cowboys.

Wright said in addition to arguing that weather and other factors that a university cannot control influence attendance, the attendance rule also could have negative impact in other areas.

Schools that fail to meet the minimum attendance two years in a row will be put on restricted status and not be eligible for a bowl, and Waters said that could be used against those schools in recruiting, further weakening them.

Another result could be more coaches being fired.

"Two proven ways to draw more fans are winning and changing coaches," Waters said, "and many schools may choose the latter because that is easier."

FIU and FAU are the only two schools currently in the two-year transition phase, and how they will be treated by the NCAA is unclear.

They both are required to make a presentation to a subcommittee that oversees transition teams to show that they have met the criteria.

If they have not, they will have to repeat the first year over again, meaning they would not become eligible for a bowl until 2006 instead of 2005, as long as they reach the minimum attendance next season.

Another alternative, if the Board of Directors leaves the attendance limit in place, is to make an appeal to the NCAA Administrative Review Subcommittee and argue that extraordinary circumstances contributed to not meeting the goal.

"I think if neither of us make it we have legitimate appeals," FIU Athletic Director Rick Mello said, citing the hurricanes that canceled one of FIU's games and forced FIU and FAU to each postpone another.

"I've got to believe there is a good chance they could be successful," Wright said about potential appeals.

Ted Hutton can be reached at thutton@sun-sentinel.com.

12-03-2004, 05:00 PM
If FAU and FIU don't become full-fledged I-A programs for next season, then the Sunbelt will lose its ties with the New Orleans Bowl.

Maybe we need to go get Temple University and another program to join the Belt for insurance. Remember the Temple talk from a few months ago on this board?

12-04-2004, 05:15 PM
FIU wasn't going to be I-A next year no matter what. FAU had hoped to make the transition in one year instead of two.

But it's not a big deal unless they aren't able to be I-A in 2006.

Nice Trojan
12-05-2004, 10:51 AM
For the record, FAU-FIU drew 16,232 fans yesterday. Will that have any negative impact on their jump to the Sunbelt?

12-05-2004, 11:44 AM

Here are my pictures from the FAU-FIU game:

More Pictures:

I attended my first FAU game of this year on Saturday. I picked a good one.

Joe Robbie Stadium is a great facility inside and out. This was my first time shooting pictures from field side. That grass is nice.

I was disappointed in the size of the crowd (16,000-plus), but it was not terrible. The FIU support was pretty poor. I expected better.

The FAU fans got loud a few times, but not enough. The FIU fans made almost no noise at all. It takes time to develop game noise, cheers and traditions, I suppose. Trojans know that.

The FIU band was very good, despite its small size. The halftime jazz show (which was terrific but sounded so much like Troy's show - same music - from a year or two ago) would have been enjoyed by all, if the P.A. guy had turned off the canned music.

That halftime singer was awful. To her credit, there was a second or more delay between speaking and hearing the voice over the sound system. Even Howard Schnellenberger had some trouble with that after the game.

The FAU canon is amazing! I found myself standing next to it during FAU's first TD and was blown almost out of my socks. My head is still ringing. The they shot it again after the PAT. Ugh!



Fan support after the game was touching. The fight near the tunnel was embarrassing. It's a good thing the officials got it simmered down before the trophy presentation kicked into full gear.

FAU (9-3) had a great season this year and would have gone to a bowl if eligible.

I wish FAU good luck with its season and attendance next year. I hope to Troy down here for a great game next fall.

The winning TD!