View Full Version : Mr. Ho Research On TMTDM ATS; ULL Numbers

Mr. Ho
09-17-2007, 08:56 PM
Interesting research on last three game ATS. Here is what Mr. Ho find:

Team: Side Wagers Total/Money Line Wagers Total

OSU: 63%/79% Bettor still not sold on TMTDM, but they have money line...Vegas win -again!
Troy: 37%/21% This mean at least 21% are fools, but they genius today

Troy: 14%/na
Florida: 86%/na This say bettor really not sold on TMTDM. Also, Gator line is weighted as well that why no money line.

Troy: 40%/na
Arkansas: 60%/na This say bettor not know anything about TMTDM

But look at early number (-11) for this week game, better jump on early:

Troy: 95%/na
ULL: 5%/na

Granted this could only be a couple of hundred bucks but watch line. Mr. Ho will keep you posted. Watch number move if these number stay same (LVSC Open WAS -7!). No way they leave it that inbalanced.

And look at this: Everyone know Irshi suck real big this year. But, what did Mr. Ho tell you early before season start, ND line always weighted. Look at money line wager inbalance. When ND suck, house win huge. What kind of profit they make already?

Team: Side Wager/Money Line

Notre Dame: 35%/63% Money line numbers are nuts!
Michigan: 65%/37%

AND Michigan broke after this:

Oregon: 16%/38%
Michigan: 84%/62% This reason they have trillion dollar casino in Vegas