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09-30-2004, 08:04 AM
Having lived in Columbia for 27 years, I've been pleased and proud with all the favorable reaction I've heard from folks here about Troy's game with the Gamecocks, including ooh's and aah's about our band, and about our fan spirit. I live in the area where most of the Carolina coaches live and play (Holtz plays golf where I do) and my neighbors and friends look forward to next year when the Trojans come back. One golf buddy would love to see a home and home between TU and USC, but Holtz made a funny comment about that: "...never schedule a game with a school that calls you wanting to play; you know they gotta be loaded.." He later admitted that USC actually called us, but he couldn't resist the joke. Anyway, I wish we'd caught USC with an 'A' game from our offense; but the defense was special that day. As a ex-Troy player when we were a really small program, it's really a joy to see where we've come to now. I've been to a lot of games at Williams Brice when it was full, but had to pinch myself when I looked out there and saw my Alma out there hanging with the big boys in front of 80,000+. Y'all stay positive, it looks like this thing's gonna be really large...

09-30-2004, 01:23 PM
Nice to hear our visit got some respect. I was in school in the D-II days and never thought I'd see what I saw at halftime of the Missouri game: Sitting in our stadium on a Thursday night winning a game against a ranked Big 12 team. It was a big difference from the days when the band played to the east stands because they were bigger. :) It is a great credit to the administration and the people who believed in this move up. If we can be a perenial power in the Sun Belt (and we should be) I see a bigger conference calling us when the next round of shake-ups occur.

10-01-2004, 08:38 AM
I felt the same way you all did when I first saw the Trojans play at Nebraska (great fan experience), at Miami (their fans asked if we could beat Alabama for them), even at UCF and Virginia.

Just to be there was such a step up for the program and the Trojans' respect level soared.

But today, that doesn't cut it for me any more. Playing tough against great odds isn't enough, especially in 17-7 games where Troy could have easily put a couple of more TDs on the board.

Losing to the Huskers a couple of years ago, thanks to two punt runbacks for TDs, was really disheartening. (Man, Olmstead had a tough first outing!)

We've grown to the point where I expect to win these games. Troy needs to do what it did to start the season if it wants to truly be considered along with the Marshalls, Fresnos, of the world.

That means running the rest of the table in the SunBelt and beating LSU.