View Full Version : Trojan Christmas presents.

12-24-2006, 01:27 PM
Greetings once again to the Trojan Nation. I figured before I left the university today to return home for the holidays I'd put on my Santa hat and give all kinds of gifts to our beloved Trojans. What kind of goodies to I have in my bag for the 2007 squad? Hmmmm let me see:

To Omar Hougabook: More patients. Omar your an exellent quarterback, but sometimes you need to settle down in the pocket, you threw an interception almost every game. Granted you got better as the year progressed, but with the schedueling we have we can't afford any turnovers.

To all our graduating seniors: The best luck in the world to do whatever it is to do with your lives. You earned it.

To our coaching staff: The ability to keep on doing what your doing with these guys. Your amazing. I guess try to work on being better than 107th in turnovers would help and may you also have the gift to recruit the best guys ever.

To the Troy University Students: Since I hate being shown up and lectured by the alumni, some school spirit to stay in Troy on weekends and support the team. You may not know it, but it makes a huge difference if your actually at the game to cheer on our guys. You pay the student activities fee might as well use it.

To Movie Gallery Stadium: The chance to be full. Also a nickname. LSU has Death Vally, Florida has the Swamp, why can't Troy have a nicknamed stadium as well. (more on this in another thread).

To the Sound of the South: Nothing. While it may seem cruel you don't need anything. Your the 12th man on the field and you need to just keep doing what your doing. Thanks for everything you guys sacrifice in your personal lives to support this team.

To Troy University: The ability to keep growing and some respect from ESPN, sports writers, and the world.

To the future opponets of Troy: A bottle of Jack Daniels to help you cope with your future loses to this amazing Troy team.