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Buzz Lightyear
12-23-2006, 11:46 PM
Stayed up way to late Thursday nite on Bourbon street but loved going to the RICE only bar. They were hanging off the balcony and singing SAT and the sort. They were having a good time and my friend and I decided to visit and go onto the balcony. Despite the TROJAN apparel I was wearing I would like to say all of them were very polite and did not try to throw me over the railing after I explained that without a few defective Trojans none them would be alive. Anyway, they were actually very nice and of all the teams we played I seriously doubt that any school would be quite like Rice.

Also had the opportunity to take a 3 and half hour van tour of the destruction in New Orleans on Friday morning and early afternoon. It really does put the whole thing into perspective. It was great win for the program and it was a great trip. While the Troy faithful had a great time as I hoped a good many Rice fans too that money spent in NO is just a small help in that citys recovery.

Lets PRAY for NO's continued recovery and HOPE that we get to spend our dollars there again next year. Thank You coaches and players for a great and memorable year.