View Full Version : Gaijin Posse New Orleans Bowl Reunion

12-03-2006, 04:25 PM
First, "How bout them Trojans!!!!"

Well, it's been 2 long hungover years but it's time to strike up another Festival in Honor of the members that journeyed to San Jose for the Pam Anderson Game (Silicon Bowl). Yes, There is a Gordon Birsch nearby!! Details to come.

I hear Mr. Ho will be making a special autograph signing so long as Beanie Campbell & TSuGaijin do not piss off the local PETA organizations.

BMarkey, the manager at the San Jose Gordon Birsch still has you on video for walking out with a full pint but I explained to him that he had the wrong guy. TSUBaggs you know what I'm taliking about.

So ladies & gents it's time to get ready for a Creole Christmas mixed with a Trojan flare.

12-03-2006, 05:39 PM
Count me in TSuGaijin...can't wait to harden the liver for a few days in NO with the boys. Thank goodness it's a drive this time and not a flight...I thought the plane would never get to 10K feet so I could go empty my stomach of that damn Gordon YaYa motor oil tasting crap.

At least in NO they will have normal beer.

Tell Beanie Campbell this is a bring your own banner event and get out the sleigh bells for the old Ford...here we come.

12-03-2006, 06:27 PM
At least you did not have to wait 4.5 hours for your plane to be repaired to make the trek back east! At least I knew the pilot from one of my old squadrons so I had someone to chat with other than all the NIU guys on the plane with me....and what was with all of the Husky crew flying First Class? I paid good money to separate myself from the commoners.

Will be getting back from a trip late Wed so I can't leave until Friday morning. Expect some sort of drink-fest and general mocking of everyone after lunch on Friday.

Rumor has it that every Motel6 is booked so most of the Pike County faithful will be sleeping and taking their weekly bath at an I-10 rest stop.

12-03-2006, 07:41 PM
With all the hotels full (I don't believe it), I certainly expect the first-ever sold out NO Bowl. :)

BMarkey, the manager at the San Jose Gordon Birsch still has you on video for walking out with a full pint but I explained to him that he had the wrong guy. TSUBaggs you know what I'm taliking about.

I do, possibly, recall that incident. But that was pre-heart surgery (I was recovering from a 27-mile hike through downtown SJ, getting hooker- and bum-rushed while looking for the brewery), so I was starved for blood and needed the nurishment for that insanely packed rent-a-car drive back to the hotel.

12-03-2006, 07:48 PM
At a boy. Time to tighten up & recharge the batteries because debachaury central is located directly across from the Hilton.

Fot those that have never been the beer here is awesome.


Beanie Campbell
12-03-2006, 08:46 PM
Oh Crap! It is time for another gluttony trip with the Gaijin Posse and the Trojans. It will be hard to out do the first bowl. Let see if I remember what happed in San Jose….

I got pneumonia from the rain, killed more brain cells than an Asian Tsunami and the flight over bounced more than Ho’s Double Tree Specter-porn. I fell and cut my hand and got verbally abused by a rabid pack of gringo haters. Oh yeah, we freaking lost too. I did enjoy the cab ride home from the game where I personally berated a NIU fan for the entire trip to the Hilton. All and all I say it was a pretty good trip.

I do see room for improvement. Nice weather (The Dome is a good start). No angry gang-bangers. No bleeding and we win. A little boudin, bread pudding and enough hand grenades to kill most.
Also it will be nice if someone stops me from going to Rick’s or Harrah’s when I should be going to bed.

Hell yes I am there! Got the room; rolling in on Wed to get mentally prepared for the Friday kick. This will be a good chance to try out the anger management.

See you at Big Daddy’s.