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09-28-2004, 10:53 AM
feel free to drop by our site, UStateAgs.com - look forward to talking some FB with you guys. As you know, we are comming off a road win at UNLV. UNLV is really down this year, and we made some big plays to win that game. Our D had some shining moments by stoping them on our 1 yrd line, and again on a crutial 4-1. Other than that, they could have beaten us if we had not have made those big plays. We have a hard time stopping the run, so if you guys run on us, it will be a long day. Our D will try and force you to pass, there is were we can defend the best. Last week we had three picks on UNLV. But if they would have/could have just kept running, we'd be 1-3 right now.

Tough losses to the SC and NMSU.

09-28-2004, 11:07 AM
Well, in reading about what you said about the run, I hope our Off Coor sees that. But the way he has been calling plays lately, Troy will probably pass every down. I wish he'd run DeWhitt about 40 times and NOT pass. Looking forward to USU coming back again. It will look MUCH better than the last time you were here (Mud Bowl).

09-28-2004, 02:06 PM
Your offensive coordinator sounds a lot like ours. In fact, don't be surprised if he runs the same play 2-3 times in a row.

Anyway, it might not be touted as such. But I truly believe this is the biggest SB game of the year. It is a must win for you, and a must win for us. Luckily we have NMSU and N. Texas at home. Although N. Texas isn't the same N. Texas of the past few years.

Come over and post on our board. I know fans in Alabama aren't shy. We still have a lot of Crimson Tide fans who post on our board. It will be interesting to see if they wish us luck against another school in the state this week.

09-28-2004, 05:07 PM
LOGAN You won't catch Utah State coach Mick Dennehy apologizing for his team's punting antics. He's got the numbers to prove that it's working.
Utah State punter Ben Chaet, who was named the Sun Belt Conference special teams player of the week for his 45.3 average in the Aggies' 31-21 victory over UNLV last week, is 10th in the nation in punting at 44.4 yards per punt. Also, as a team the Aggies are ranked third nationally in net punting at 42.8 yards per game behind Louisville (44.0) and Tennessee (42.8).
"It kind of looks silly and it kind of looks stupid sometimes of what we're asking him to do. But he's a very good athlete who has done his job and done everything we've asked of him," Dennehy said.
Chaet, a left-footed punter, generally rolls to his left before punting, and at times he rolls to his right and kicks with his left foot.
"We rugby punt for a lot of reasons," Dennehy said. "Probably the biggest reason is: If you go back the last four or five years and look at who some of the top net punting teams in the country were, they were rugby punt teams."
So far, Dennehy's plan is working as expected. The Aggies are allowing just 3.7 yards on 10 returns.
"We face a lot of talented returners. By being unorthodox it seems to take some of their great players out of the game," Dennehy said. "We have had very few guys even handle punts thus far."
Only three players of Utah State's four opponents are ranked in the Top 100 in punting. One is Utah's Eric Weddle at No. 14, and he didn't have a return against the Aggies.
Idaho's Jimmy Labita, ranked 83rd, had two returns for one yard, while Alabama's Brandon Brooks, No. 94, has four returns for 21 yards and the longest return against the Aggies of just 17 yards.
"This type of punt allows us to be able to get down and cover punts," Dennehy said.
In all, Chaet has punted 23 times and dropped it inside the opponents' 20 yard-line nine times. He has four punts over 50 yards including two over 60 (60, 61).
Backup quarterback/punter Leon Jackson has one punt, and it ended up inside the 20 also.

EASON UPDATE: Former USU wide receiver Jerome Eason had a team-high 10 catches for 131 yards and three touchdowns for Southern Utah in its 24-21 loss to Div. I-AA No. 4 Stephen F. Austin.
He is second on the team with 21 catches but leads the teams in yards per game (96.3), touchdown receptions (5) and yards (289).

SLANTED NUMBERS: The Aggies surrendered 550 yards total offense to UNLV, but 187 of those yards came on just five plays. UNLV running back Dominique Dorsey, who rushed for 189 yards on 18 carries, had 103 yards on two runs.
The Aggies forced five turnovers (4 interceptions two by Roberts Watts, the Sun Belt Conference defensive player of the week, and two by Antonio Taylor and a fumble).
"As many big plays that they had, our defense answered with some of our own," Dennehy said. "We need to execute a little better defensively from a down-to-down situation."

AGS ON TV: Saturday's 1:30 p.m. game with Troy is scheduled to air on KJZZ-TV.
Last Saturday's game against UNLV was to air on UPN by SportsWest but because of technical difficulties, the game never aired.
The game aired in Las Vegas, but it didn't air until midway through the second quarter.

INJURY UPDATE: Defensive back Andre Bala suffered a slight concussion against UNLV, but Dennehy expects him to be ready for Troy.
Linebacker Nate Frederick suffered a hip flexor (to go along with a hampering knee injury) and his status is still in question, Dennehy said.
Offensive lineman Malik Cin will miss his second consecutive game due to an infection. Dennehy expects to have him back when the Aggies host the three-time defending Sun Belt Conference champion North Texas on Oct. 9.

SUN BELT UPDATE: The nine schools in the Sun Belt Conference are a combined 9-25. Utah State and Louisiana-Lafayette are the only teams with .500 records, at 2-2.
North Texas, Idaho and Louisiana-Monroe are winless.
The Sun Belt Conference has played 10 teams that are currently ranked or were ranked at one time during the season.

09-28-2004, 06:16 PM
Last time I checked Troy was in the SunBelt, and our overall record was 2-2. That means three teams at .500. After this week, we'll be 3-2 :D