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10-11-2006, 02:37 PM
We have the final details for the reunion of the 1976 football team. We will have a tent set up on tailgate terrace for the former players, coaches, managers and trainers to meet on Nov. 18th before kick-off. There will be a large sign indicating which tent will be the 1976 reunion. There will be a meal provided for all former players, coaches, managers, and trainers from the 1976 team. The meal will be served beginning at 4 PM. The players, coaches, managers and trainers will receive four (4) tickets to the game. The 1976 squad will be recognized during the game on Nov. 18th.

Please see the attached names below. We need their contact info. Please look over them, and if you have any contact information for them, please send us an email at chuckash@troy.edu. Thanks!

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Armstong, Karl Adams, John

Autrey, Mark Boyles, Steve

Ball, Eric Campbell, Jimmy

Banks, Steven Carmichael, Buster

Brazell, Phillip Cooper, Greg

Collins, Gerald Daniels, Ron

Craik, Kenny Davezan, Tony

Crowe, Luther “Jerome” Dixon, Billy

Cumuze, Timothy Eberhart, Thomas

Dees, Bubba Folmar, Bernard

Duke, Buddy Fowler, Bobby

Eberhart, Randy Gemberling, Robert

Enloe, Lee Godwin, Al

Groce, Tommy Goings, Lawson

Faulk, Carlton Harp, Willie

Ferguson, Tyrone Heninger, Mike

Gailey, Chan Irvin, Joey

Gibbs, Martha (Bradshaw) Jeffcoat, Jay

Grant, Boyd Jenkins, Lee

Griggs, Perry Jones, Barney

Hamilton, Barry King, Vic

Helton, Bubba McCray, Willie

Hogan, David Mewbourne, David

Holloway, Robert Mitchell, Steve

Hollis, Joe “Coach” Owens, Bobby

Hunter, James Overton, Larue

Johnston, Mike Paschal, Charle

Maddox, Robert Patterson, Robert

Matthews, Pat Pollock, John

Maxey, Rickey Rhodes, Charles

McKnight, James Rivers, Eddie

Miller, Rodney Robark, Ed

Parker, Phillip Russell, Larry

Phillips, Eddie Sperli, Tommy

Pickett, Charles Sullivan, John

Pickett, Sam Tell, Lester

Richardson, Calvin Tompkins, Jim

Rigdon, Charles Thames, Mitchell

Walker, Sullivan

Roberson, Vance Weary, Fred

Rohrbaugh, George Yancy, Randy

Retherford, Ronnie

Sanders, Timothy

Sanders, Ralph

Sayler, Stephen

Smoke, Charles

Suttle, Ted

Tucker, Tim

Williams, Mike

Williams, Harold

Williams, Bubba

Wilson, David “Fletch”