View Full Version : Just some observations...

09-30-2006, 10:29 PM
1. UAB owns us. Outscored us 48-10 the last two seasons (no offensive tds). Won 3 out of the last 4. Why woukd they cancel us if they can count on beating us like a drum?

2. If we are going to run this chuck n' duck offense, get some O-linemen that can block for a 3-step drop. When we got time to pass, we were throwing bounce passes. Tonight was ridiculous. The only difference between last years offense and this years is that we finding new and creative ways to lose yardage. BTW why not throw vertical more often? This 3 yard out route stuff is getting old. Also, we have a decent running back or two. why not use them?

3. We looked flat and totally unprepared. Newsflash, teams will see tonight's film and will spread it out and run option all-day long. We could not stop Hunt to save our lives. The DBs looked lost tonight in pass coverage also. What the heck has happened? Was losing Marcus that big a blow?

4. Yeah a couple of the penalties were lame, but the rest of those penalties were ones that a team should not be commiting 5 games into the year.

5. Bottom line, if we don't figure out what the heck we want to do offensively and learn how to stop the spread option, we will be lucky to equal last year's win total. Maybe the JV can beat Huntingdon tomorrow!