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09-27-2004, 12:17 PM
Hey guys.

Thought I'd drop in after the game to say thanks for coming and hope everyone had a good time.

The trojans showed they were a quality team (especially that pesky defense) with quality fans. I know some of you are mad about calls and believe me, I thought it was pretty bad officiating on both sides (I have been very vocal about my disapproval of the SEC refs - IMO, worst in the nation). Specifically:
- I'll take it, but I agree the roughing the kicker was bogus - should've been running into the kicker.
- The missed pass interference call on Troy Williamson that would've been for over 40 yard gain. And I PROMISE he would've caught the ball had he not been knocked down. Them's the breaks.
- the play where EVERYONE in the stadium heard the whistle and they didn't stop the play should've been replayed. No one gained from that play (unless you count a 2 yard gain as a 'gain') but it was just another goof by the refs that showed how clueless they are.
- There were a few no-calls on pass interference, again on both sides, and some fantom holding and illegal block calls that I just couldn't find no matter how hard I looked.

As for the punt that the receiver bumbled into the endzone that wasn't called for a safety...at the game I agreed that I thought it should've been a safety, BUT after seeing a replay numerous times, I agree with the call. He didn't have possession until he was in the endzone and he was down before leaving the endzone. It's a tough call and I know its disheartening, but it was the correct call.

As for your team's play, your defense is IMO as good as any we've yet seen, including georgia. Slowing down our running game is very tough, as we have 4 top 10 recruiting class RBs, and you did it. Luckally, our passing game was surprisingly more than adequate to overcompensate (mainly due to #82).
Whomever your quarterback was, he needs to learn to make the passes to open receivers under pressure. There were over 3 or 4 times he had open receivers for big gains, saw the play, and just couldn't connect. You can look at the passing completions (USC 15/23, TSU 9/23) to see that. And it's reflected in 3rd down conversions. That hurts.

However, the QB was a GREAT scrambler. If I'm not mistaken, the biggest yards for the Trojans came from busted plays where the QB scrambled and found open field.

Also, Holy crap!, that trick running back pass play that called back for a holding (legit call) was AWESOME. There were about 5 blockers lined up going downfield toward one linebacker. Just amazing. In all honesty, as just a football fan, that was the highlight of the night for me on the Troy State side.

I know it's hard taking a loss but I hope everyone who went or watched had fun and look forward to watching you guys play throughout the rest of the season.

09-27-2004, 12:26 PM
It was a hard fought game this past Saturday in Columbia. I just wish Troy's offense could have been more effective in order to take some of the heat off of our defense.

Good luck to the Cocks the rest of the way, and I believe that you'll find this weekend in Tuscaloosa that Troy's defense is better than Bama's.

09-27-2004, 12:32 PM
Good luck the rest of the season and I hope you win out.

By the way the ESPN announcers replayed that punt severral times as the play of the game and basically said can you believe the officials called this a touchback?

I do agree that this was the worst set of refs that I've seen so far this year. Both teams suffered due to bad calls. I was just concerned with the ones against us.

09-27-2004, 12:37 PM
Actually the "trick" play was called back for not having enough men on the line of scrimmage, not for holding.