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03-19-2014, 03:16 PM

For those who are WWII history buffs like me, you already know the story of what really happened that day in Berlin, 1945. The Fuhrer of the German Reich, Austrian-born Adolf Hitler, killed himself in his bunker beneath the Reich's Chancellery.

He did this as the Soviet Army fought its way through the bombed out streets of Berlin, the Capital of Hitler's Nazi Empire. By the time he committed suicide with his long-time mistress Eva Brauh, decimated German forces were collapsing all across what remained of the Reich. It was over for the Nazis, and Germany would never fully recover from the Shame.

Uber takes its detour here, at the moment Hitler put the pistol to his temple. At this moment Josef Goebbels, Propaganda Minster of the Reich, breaks through the door to stop his Leader. "We are delivered!"

Through years of secret research, Nazi scientists, using slave test subjects, finally discover the keys to a powerful and mysterious new "WanderWaffen" that can turn an ordinary man into an unstoppable force of energy and destruction. These are the Ubermensch.

These "Super Men" do what all of Germany's remaining conventional forces could never hoped to achieve, they saved Berlin. But they didn't stop there, the Ubermensch annihilate the entire Soviet army in Berlin. Now Hitler is drunk with Power.

Can Germany still win the War? How did they develop it? And ultimately..."what the hell is this stuff?!"

So what would the War have been like if this had actually happened? I know it's fantasy, but it is interesting fantasy. The series has been a big hit so far, promising that it will continue. One can't help but draw parallels to The Walking Dead, how it burst onto the scene and became so popular, eventually transferring over to television where it has seen even bigger success.

You can find every issue of Uber on eBay. Each of the 11 current installments offer multiple covers for Collecting purposes.

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I was NOT aware of that.