View Full Version : Benson tosses out Sun Belt Reference Guide

01-26-2014, 10:39 AM
Benson tosses out Sun Belt Reference Guide
Commissioner's decision based on 'unintended uses'

Written by

Tabby Soignier

"After the Sun Belt Conference released two separate statements in an effort to have each member institution referred to as what it preferred, Commissioner Karl Benson announced Friday in a third statement that the reference guide is now eliminated from public display and distribution..."

Complete story: http://www.thenewsstar.com/article/20140125/SPORTS/301240026/Benson-tosses-out-Sun-Belt-Reference-Guide

01-27-2014, 10:16 PM
I wish Commish Benson would toss out the RagTag Football penalties & policies he has adopted as well, just waters down the last of what was a fabulous Fan Sport.

College football, esp sunbelt, no longer as we knew it. RIP!