View Full Version : The "Big Boys" to get bigger?

01-18-2014, 01:23 AM
I just don't like this... I don't like it at all.


NCAA poised to create separate voting bloc for SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12, Big 12

By Pat Forde

"SAN DIEGO The big leagues appear poised to get their way and their own voting bloc within the NCAA.

Polling of the roughly 800 administrators at the NCAA convention's dialog on governance revealed solid support for an autonomous voting body for the five most powerful conferences the SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12 and Big 12. Fifty-eight percent of those administrators from all levels of NCAA membership were in support of autonomy for the power conferences; 30 percent were opposed; 12 percent were neutral..."

Complete story: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaa-poised-to-create-separate-division-for-sec--big-ten--acc--pac-12--big-12-212725211.html

01-18-2014, 10:23 AM
The "ignorance is bliss" may define me on this subject but I just don't seem to be that distracted with the saber rattling.I understand change is coming and the media will create as much antagonism as possible until the smoke clears.

However media/public do not understand the legal pitfalls that lay in some of their absurd assertions of what NEEDS to happen.

The P5 is simply using the Strawman of student athlete advancement to garner more money for their coffers.They will be limited in their scope by the legal muster required as I see it.

One ironic tidbit is that the Chairman of the push (SEC puppet I realize) is Wake's AD who lost to the lowest budget in FBS this year (ULM).

As long as scholly limits hold at 85 then the lines of talent will feather and allow competitiveness between lower half/upper half school.

However,if P5 are allowed to move to 90/95 every mid major will suffer tremendously.