View Full Version : Why Not a 16 team Playoff with Bowls ?

01-09-2014, 11:32 AM
How about a 16 team Playoff & Bowls.
For example this year it would have worked like this.
Conf. Championships Played Dec 7th

Round 1 (16 teams) Dec 14th
The 8 Losers to be Placed in Bowls on Dec 15th Bowl selection. All Bowls established Except for 4 BCS Bowls and Championship Game Site

Round 2 (8 Teams) Dec 21st
The 4 Loser placed into 2 BCS bowls & the 4 winners placed in 2 other BCS Bowls.

Round 3
(4 Teams play in BCS Bowls)
See 2014 Championship Game Format

Round 4
Championship Game