View Full Version : Hibernation Thread: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

12-09-2013, 10:12 PM
My final thread until August... Feel free to add your GBU's... Goodnight everyone.

Corey Robinson sets the all-time NCAA record for passing efficiency in a game going 31 of 34 against UAB. He also ends up in as the #9 all-time NCAA passing leaders with 13,477 yards.

Troy ends the season ranked 4th in the NCAA in penalty yards although only within the top 16 teams in total penalties… which speaks to our proficiency in getting 15 yard fouls.

The state of Mississippi now isn’t just known for bad roads, edukation and obesity. It’s now known for being the place where Trojans go to die. Consider these stats for our games there this season… Outscored 113-28; Out gained 1,302 yards to 499; First downs 61 to 26; We average .7 yards per rush. Records for them 6… 0 for us.

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