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Mr. Ho
11-17-2013, 11:58 AM
Ok so, Mr. Ho stuck at airport and confess, he at other Trojan game this weekend after little Ho get invite to visit Other school Film School on campus this week because Mrs. Ho have pull not because Mr. Ho know what he talk about. Little Ho like to draw and make silly cartoon movie all time. Ho not get but it not matter where the little Ho go to school as long as it not Jaxoff State or Barn. Surprise Dear Leader not start TMTDM Film School or maybe he have...in TSU-Bombay.

Ok so, Mr. Ho have to hide for like 15 hours before kickoff because Mrs Ho always tell people that Mr. Ho go to TMTDM school. In old school day most people go "hey they trouble for big time school" but after yesterday and last three year Mr. Ho might as well say he go to Livingston. He do watch game at coffee shop down road in shame and notice TSOTWG Pep Band there again and thought they should get year off after being punished for following TMTDM around for 3 seasons.

Ok so, Mr. Ho run across this bit from other school and thought geek in TSOTWG get all excite while tuning their flutes.

Ho also run across usual bevy hotties while he roam campus by himself waiting for Ho girls to do whatever it is they do.
This Not On Wallace Drive

Seriuosly, Ho find like 23 new entries for his GoTo File.

11-17-2013, 04:33 PM
At least you got to see a Trojan victory.

I on the other hand...well...at least I had some Woodford on Reserve.

Mr. Ho
11-17-2013, 10:10 PM
At least you got to see a Trojan victory.

I on the other hand...well...at least I had some Woodford on Reserve.

Woodford might be, no it is best cool refreshing alcohol ever invented. It heal lots of wound.

And if it make you fell any better, Ho sulk all night watching student section going nuts all night and band not playing freeze tag in endzone. Please note: Ho not see student of fans with UCLA or Oregon gear on. In fact, he only see team palying gear.

If anything we need to re-fire our engine. The games in the 90s and the early DI years were excite.