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Pensacola Kid
08-18-2013, 07:00 AM
Iím not sure if itís worth the effort or if the administration will even care, but this athletic apparel business is making a ton of $$$ selling athletic gear using a very familiar trademarked athletic logo.




They were even advertising on Fox Sports during a UFC fight last night (Estimated viewers 4.7 million). :confused013:

Their website: http://www.torque1.net/

Legal speak...Trademark Infringement may occur when one party, the "infringer", uses a trademark which is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark owned by another party, in relation to products or services which are identical or similar to the products or services which the registration covers. An owner of a trademark may commence civil legal proceedings against a party which infringes its registered trademark.

Again, Iím not sure if itís worth the effort or if the administration will even care.

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08-18-2013, 08:53 AM
Eerily similar. Not sure if it's enough for a lawsuit, though. Not as bad as that school from Minnesota or wherever it was that had identical uni's. Haha

08-18-2013, 11:33 AM
Oh, it's worth it, that could result in a ton of money, if the university actually sued them, IMO