View Full Version : Registration Process Change

03-09-2013, 07:26 AM
Users here on GTT have obviously noticed the increase in spammers the last few months. This problem had gotten insanely out of control as the months passed, and it increased when we got into the football season, and there was more actvity by our members.

From 2004 to June of 2011, when I took over GTT, the number of total registrations was around 3,000. Since June of 2011, through last week, we had another 4,000 registrations, with the vast majority of them being spammers. It had gotten to the point, I was deleting between 20 and 40 spammers each day.

I now believe I have finally implemented the steps necessary to stop the spamming. I can't completely stop them from registering, but they are unable to post until I approve their registration. And since most of the spammers use ridiculous usernames and email identifiers, which are easy to spot, it will be unlikely I will approve a spammer to register for GTT.

From now on, any new registration will require moderation by the site administrator. It will generally take less than 24 hours for a legitimate user to be approved, and they can begin posting. It will usually be considerablly less than that, but depending on my access to the board at the time, it could go over 24 hours. If I anticipate a time in which I will not be able to access GTT for an extended period of time, I will make provisions for someone to ensure procedures are maintained during my absence.

Thanks for your patience,
Keith Sims