View Full Version : Baldwin County Night

11-08-2005, 12:59 PM
I got something in the mail not long ago about "Baldwin County Night" where Admissions is coming to Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope to meet prospective students. Alumni were also invited. My sister (HS senior) got an invite and so did I, so we decided to go. We registered separately. I got a confirmation in the mail yesterday that says, "This night is for you and your parents to learn more about TROY and the future of opportunities that await you!" Well, I'm still gonna go, but geez if there aren't some incompetent folks in the administration building up there! How hard is it to see on the reply card that I was alumni? :roll:

By the way, if any of you are in the area, they probably wouldn't mind if you showed up. It is from 5:30-8:00.