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01-12-2013, 05:31 PM
With the Senior Bowl two weeks away I though maybe some of the members of GTT might be in attendance and could keep a lookout for the cards I need. I have most of the players and would like to complete the collection. Also, maybe someone might have duplicates and might consider sharing :bounce012:

Over the years Troy has had twelve players participate. The Senior Bowl is missing out this year due to no Trojan being invited :rolleyes04:

Here are the twelve Troy Trojans that have participated in the Senior Bowl:

92 Leonard Wheeler (will not have a player card since they were not printed until 94)
94 Kelvin Simmons
97 Pratt Lyons
99 Marcus Spriggs
00 Mareno Philyaw
05 Demarcus Ware
06 Thomas Olmstead
08 Leodis McKelvin
09 Sherrod Martin
10 Brandon Lang
10 Cameron Sheffield
11 James Brown


94 Kelvin Simmons
97 Pratt Lyons
00 Mareno Philyaw
05 Demarcus Ware

Keep a lookout and keep me in mind IF you come across any of these four! THANK YOU for any assistance you can provide.

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Mike Cunningham
01-12-2013, 06:28 PM
I see them on EBay often.