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Mr. Ho
09-15-2012, 08:01 AM

Super Saturday.

Mr. Ho recollection of last night very dim. All he remember is two third-world agent, dress as TMTDM international "student", ransack Mr. Ho room; eat all his food; drink all his cool refreshing alcohol and steal his rental car, do victory donuts in parking lot.

If security precaution not beefed up around here, Mr. Ho take his accomodation over to Hampton Inn. It sad day when Mr. Ho have to go to breakfast heavily armed.

Ok so, Old Misisisipi State fan, some with miss teeth not take too kindly late last night to Mr. Ho antic either but after he explain it crazy "student" from TSU-Kuala Lumpor make all racket, they jump in pick-up truck and head to International House where huge brawl breakout and they duct tap Old Misisisipi State fan up and Mr. Ho not want to know what happen next.

It crazier night than Tiesto concert in Belgrade this past summer and that not bad thing either.
Trust Mr. Ho: Stadium Go Nut If Play This During Game

09-15-2012, 10:40 AM
Japanese students have informed me that your rental compact sucks at burning asphalt eights. The foreign students from what was formerly the DDR (East Germany) true to form only gave them 4's from a possible 10 in Olympic scoring.