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09-07-2012, 08:03 PM
Looking through my ESPN the Mag issue this week and they ranked the top programs based on 9 different categories.

The categories are as following and Troys rank against the 120 FBS schools:

Title Track - 65
-- National titles [since 1936, emphasizing BCS era]; BCS Bowl bids and wins; league titles; years in final AP Top 25 poll and AP top 10

Head Coach - 72
-- Tenure [CFB and NFL]; winning percentage; average turnover margin; average penalties per game [all since 2001]

Strength of Schedule - 101
-- Average strength of schedule [since 2003]

Academics - 114
-- US News and World Report ranking in 2012; Academic Progress Rate in 2010-11

Recruiting - 63
-- Total ESPN 150 signees [since 2007]

Player Success - 75
-- NFL draft picks [weighted by round]; Heisman winners [all]

Stadium Edge - 1
-- SportsNation poll results for game-day experience; home win percentage; and differential between home and road percentages

Football Revenue - 116
-- 2010 figures, per U.S. Department of Education

NCAA Violations - A
-- Grade based on severity of sanctions since 1998

Overall Troy was ranked #90 as the highest rated SBC team in their poll


PS funny how schools rip us small town folk and then we go out and get the #1 stadium edge on Saturdays...

All sources from the ESPN the Mag September 17, 2012 issue

09-07-2012, 09:43 PM
I really don't know how they got to that, but I'll take it. Let's show up to the Trojan Walk and get loud in the stadium to protect our rating. :thumb: