View Full Version : BTH Representing our Trojans

Burn the Horse
08-02-2012, 05:01 PM
Well I was invited by John Longshore and our very own Barry McKnight to attend the annual John and Barry Night at Riverwalk Stadium this year.

It was a blast getting to meet all the big name callers from SportsLine like TCU Doug, Mrs. United, Russell, Dennis Mitchell, etc.

Do any of you listen to the show every day?


Lots of Troy football talk went on. Dennis Mitchell is a big Troy fan and a great guy, we talked for a long time about the future of the program and the coaching/ AD situation. I of course picked Barry's brain for some tidbits of knowledge, but I won't be posting anything from him for fear someone may run with it as fact (LoL, that one's for you McKnight :laughing021:)...that's an inside joke.