View Full Version : Sun Belt will make one more realignment move

05-13-2012, 04:11 PM
In my Bowling Green newspaper today, the president of WKU, Gary Ransdell was quoted as saying "there will be one more realignment move in the Sun Belt and that should be announced before the end of the month".
The article had several other interesting comments such as the fact that Old Dominion has not yet officially joined C-USA and that WKU and Middle Tennessee have been popular choices among prognosticators to join that conference, but Ransdell denied the rumors. The league president and officials are scheduled to meet this month in Destin, FL. Ransdell will chair the conference strategic planning committee, which will put together a five year strategic plan. Ransdell said "sometimes fans tend to look at the present and not be too focused on the future," he said. "I tend to be much more focused on the future than I am the present. We've replaced FIU and North Texas, in my opinion, with two great media markets and two institutions that have huge upside potential and have demonstrated serious commitments to achieving that upside potential in Georgia State and Texas State. But we're not finished with that yet."

I have to believe that Dr. Ransdell is saying we will add more schools by June 1st, then we will likely have two divisions and a conference championship game starting by 2013. If, and I know it is a big IF, if Conference - USA does not get ODU to sign up, and they do go after one of our conference brothers up this way (WKU or MTSU), then we may have to find 3 additional schools in order to get to the magic number of 12.

I am hearing that Idaho is rethinking their strategy of staying in D-1 so that may give the guys at NMSU a chance to be the 3rd team to allow the Belt to get to the dozen football membership level.

I am confident that if Dr. Ransdell said that the Belt will have 'one more realignment move', then I have to believe it is legit and we will hear something in the next two weeks!