View Full Version : Red Zone Offense, RBs, QB, Play Calling, O-line, and D

10-05-2005, 07:59 AM
Red Zone Offense - Playing for field goals is not the idea. We must punch it in when we get down in the Red Zone. The Red Zone offense was pittiful.

Running Backs - Great future here with Jones and Cattouse. My only question is why were these two guys not used more earlier. It is obvious that they have better vision than JW and they definitely hold onto the ball better. I love the fact that they set JW down for the second half. He shouldn't get another carry until he can prove in practice that he can hold onto the ball. Maybe they could duct tape the ball to his arms.

Quarterback - The idea is to throw the ball when you drop back. CM has happy feet now. How many receivers were open down field that CW just did not see? The commentators even said how he had plenty of time to make his reads and deliver the ball. They have taken the senior tailback out and replaced him with younger talent. Now it is the junior QB who needs to be replaced by the younger talent QBs.

Play Calling - Looks as if LB took 3rd, 4th and 5th gear away from MF. It was almost as if LB told MF before the game that he could run a total of 5 passing plays per half. Next up take the keys to the car from MF, please.

Offensive Line - Great game! Blocking for the run was pretty good. Pass blocking looked better as well. They looked as if they had been fired up during practice.

Defense - Several big improvements. Played more aggressively. I noticed during almost every play players making the tackles were going for the ball trying to strip it out. That shows hustle, aggressiveness, and the mind-set needed for TMTDM. We actually caused more turnovers than we gave away.

I love the win but the score should have been at least 31 - 10.

10-05-2005, 08:10 AM
We shouldn't have committed the personal foul that led to their TD and we shouldn't have turned the ball over that led to their FG. Sloppy.

I'm proud of our guys, but North Texas gave us this game from the get go and we barely got out with the W.