View Full Version : SHOUT OUT to DOC ANDERSON's GUYS !!!

04-13-2012, 12:12 PM
First of all, we're REALLY tickled that Charles Oliver ('73-'76) was selected for the TROY Inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Class! VERY deserving and not at all surprising. CONGRATULATIONS, Charlie O!!!

(photo courtesy of Cass Davis, TROY photographer)


Secondly, we want to give a HEARTY Trojan sendoff to TSU marathoner Scott Strider ('78-'82) who will be running his _30th_ Boston Marathon on Monday!!! Have a GREAT run, Scott! (TROY spirit photo to follow post race)


Last, today is Joe O'Rourke's ('73-'75) Birthday and I thought folks might appreciate his Trojan spirit, both in dress and comment. YO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOE! :D


1974 Palladium photo & at THE DOC REUNION Mixer

"Always Philly, somewhat Texas, and forever Troy"