View Full Version : Louisville & BYU Big 12 Future?

03-21-2012, 04:30 PM
Brett McMurphy of CBSSports.com intimated that the addition of Temple could be a preemptive move by the Big East in anticipation of Louisville getting an invite down the road from the Big 12, which was also a thought that I had when Memphis was invited by the conference a couple of weeks ago. This dovetails into a report by Deep Shades of Blue tonight that BYU is “aggressively pursuing Big 12 membership”. It appears that no expansion moves would be made by the Big 12 until there’s a permanent replacement for current interim commissioner Chuck Neinas, but the signs continue to point to Louisville and BYU as the league’s primary targets.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll have some more posts on conference realignment news as it unfolds, college football playoff/plus-one proposals, the state of challenges to ESPN’s TV sports supremacy, and March Madness thoughts. Until then, please send me your list of coaching candidates to replace Bruce Weber.

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